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From the Hakata Station

From Hakata StationZoom button

Take a Subway <10 minutes arround>

On March 27th 2023, Hakata Station will be directly connected to the Subway Nanakuma Line, making it more convenient.
A subway route map is available here. We hope it will be of help to you.

  1. Take a Subway Nanakuma Line at Hakata Station.
    The Nanakuma Line ticket gate is located on the 4th basement floor of Hakata Station, so please use the elevator or escalator.
  2. Get off at “Tenjin South Station”, the second stop from Hakata station.
    Take Exit No. 6 and go right, then turn right at the first traffic light.

From the Fukuoka Airport

From the Fukuoka AirportZoom button

By Subway Line <20 minutes arround>

Take the Subway Aiport Line, transfer to the Nanakuma Line at Hakata Station, and get off at Tenjin South Station.

  1. There is a ticket gate for the Subway Airport Line on the second basement floor of Fukuoka Airport.
  2. Please transfer from the Subway Airport Line to the Nanakuma Line at Hakata Station. You can transfer the subway without exiting the ticket gate.
    Subway official website
  3. Get off at “Tenjin South Station”. Go out Exit No. 6 and go right, then turn right at the first traffic light.

From the Tenjin Area

From the Tenjin AreaZoom button
  1. From Nishitetsu “Fukuoka Station” and Tenjin Area, go through the Tenjin underground shopping area and go to the Subway Nanakuma Line “Tenjin South Station”.
  2. Go out to the ground from the exit #6, nearby the Subway “Tenjin South Station”.
  3. And turn right immediately.
  4. At the first traffic light, turn right.

From the Highway

From the HighwayZoom button

By the Car <About 8 minutes>

  1. Get off the Urban Highway “Tenjin North“, and go straight for Wakaba-dori about 1.2 km (11 traffic lights).
  2. Turn left at Watanabe-dori 4-chome intersection where there are department stores “Mitsukoshi” and “Daimaru”.
  3. At the second traffic light, turn right.