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Directions & Parking

Direction from Fukuoka Airport
Take the subway “Fukuoka Airport Station” in the airport, and get off at the Subway “Tenjin Station“.
When you exit the ticket gate at the central or west exit of the Subway “Tenjin Station”, you could be able to find a central square of Tenjin underground shopping area.
Go through the Tenjin underground shopping area and go toward the Subway Nanakuma Line “Tenjin South Station”.
Walk past the ticket gate of “Tenjin South Station” and go up to the ground from exit 6.
When you go up to the ground, turn right immediately, go straight. Turn right at the first traffic light, “Sanko-bashi” intersection.(20 minutes walk)

Direction from Hakata Station
There are 2 gates in Hakata Station, Hakata gate and Chikushi gate. Please go out from “Hakata Gate”, and take a “Fukuoka City 100 yen Bus” in front of Hakata Station.
Get off at the 5th bus stop “Haruyoshi”. Walk to the same direction as the bus, turn left at the first traffic light “Sanko-bashi”.(About 12 minutes)

Direction from Highway “Tenjin North”
Get off the Highway “Tenjin North”, and go straight for Wakaba-dori about 1.2 km (11 traffic lights).
Turn left at Watanabe-dori 4-chome intersection where there are department stores “Mitsukoshi” and “Daimaru”.
At the second traffic light “Sanko-bashi”, turn right.(10 minutes drive)

Is there a parking lot in the hotel?
There is both a multi-storey and an outdoor parking lot.【1,100 yen / night tax include】【Advance reservation only】
When you make a reservation please be sure to let us know the car model name of your car.《Fit, Vitz, Prius etc.》
If the car height is less than 155 cm, you can park your car at the multi-level parking lot next to the hotel front entrance. If there is a roof carrier, storage part or an antenna which cannot be removed, you can not park.
Also, if the car has remodeling mufflers, height vehicle height, wide tires etc, you may not be able to park.
Outdoor parking is located behind of the hotel. Since it is difficult to understand parking places, we will guide you by the map once you can come to the front desk.
In the case of using outdoor parking lot, the hotel staff may move the car as necessary, so we will keep the keys of the car at the front desk.
The maximum is 2 ton tracks.

  • In the case of early arrival, if it is after 12 o’clock only if there is an empty car space, it is possible to park both the multi-storey and the outdoor parking lot free of charge. If you park from the morning, an additional charge is 550 yen including tax.
  • After the check out, you can park free of charge at both the multistory and the outdoor parking lot until 15 o’clock.
    After 15 o’clock, we receive the 1 night charge. (1,100 yen tax included)
    In addition, we might refuse your park if there is no parking space after 15 o’clock.
What shall I do when the hotel parking lot is full?
We can introduce you many parking lots around our hotel, 1 or 2 minutes by walk and not expensive.
However, that is no affiliated parking lot so it may be full. Payment should be at the parking lot.
How do I tell the taxi driver to go to the hotel?
“Please go to the south at the Sanko-bashi intersection of Kokutai-road, the hotel is 4th building from the intersection, right side.” or “At the Sanko-bashi intersection, go into the Teramachi-tori. In front of the Court hotel.”

Booking and Check in

What time is the check in and check out?
The check in time is 15:00 o’clock
Even if you arrive a little earlier, you can check in if your room is ready.
We are able to keep your luggage when the room is not ready before 15 o’clock.
The check out time is 11:00 o’clock.
Then, after a prescribed period of time elapses, an extension charge is imposed based on the elapsed time
Please ask us for details.
Is there a no smoking room?
We have a no smoking floor.
If the no smoking rooms is not available,we will prepare the rooms to the extent that odor is not concerned as much as possible by carrying out deodorizing work (ozone deodorization) in advance according to your request.
In addition, since deodorizing work (ozone deodorization) takes about 1 or 2 hours, please be sure to contact us by the day before.
Are there humidifiers and air purifiers?
Yes. All rooms are equipped with an integrated plasmacluster type humidifier and air purifier.
If you need more, please contact the front desk.

Can I use Free WiFi?

Yes. Free WiFi connection is available in all rooms.
You can easily connect to the Internet with your own PC, smartphone and tablet.
※A wired LAN cable is also provided free of charge.

I’d like to send my package by courier before staying…

Of course we can receive them.
If If it is convenient to you, we will put the baggage in your room after receiving it.
※We can not accept baggage in cash on delivery.
※Like the refrigerated or frozen transportations, if we can not put them into the refrigerator or freezer of our hotel, we can not accept them.

Our children are still small, so how does this change the room price?

Children (under the age of 9) may sleep in the same bed as their parents at no extra charge. As for the children (over the age of 10), the adult price will apply.
The guests under 9 years old will be charged 1,200 yen if amenities are desired.

  • We are sorry to say, we have to refuse for safety reasons that 3 guests including a child use one bed.

Can I use credit cards, electronic money or gift cards?

【Credit Cards】【Electronic Money】【Code payment】We accept following cards.
Paymentpayment※We can only accept credit cards for lump-sum payments.
※We can not accept the point use.

【Gift Cards】We are very sorry, but you can not use it in our hotel.

Can I wait for cancellation if the rooms are fully booked?

We are very sorry, but we don’t have a waiting list for cancellation.

When does the cancellation fee need from?

Cancellation of the previous day   20% of the room charge
Cancellation on the day   80% of the room charge
In case of later cancellation or no show, the Hotel charges 100%

During your stay

What time does the entrance close?

We are stand by at the front desk 24 hours. The automatic door on the front entrance and outdoor parking lot side is locked at midnight, so please call me on the intercom.

Is there a restaurant in the hotel?

Yes, we have. We open for breakfast only.
The reservation is needed. Please contact the front desk for details.

Business Hours
6:30 a.m.~9:30 a.m.
2nd floor “PARFUM”
Japanese and Western style buffet 600 yen
  Drink only 300 yen

Due to COVID-19 countermeasures, the restaurant is temporarily closed.
Thank you for your understanding.

Is there a convenience store nearby?

Family Mart, Seven Eleven and Lawson is located 1 to 2 minutes on foot from our hotel.

Do you have a business center?

We do not have a rental computer or business center, but we do have a computer for browsing next to the front desk.
We also have a printer, so you can print out the pages you need.

Do you have an umbrella?

We are preparing lending umbrellas and sales umbrellas.
About the lending umbrellas, please understand that there are limitations on the number.

Do you have coin-operated laundry machines?

We have two washing machines and two dryers on the 2nd floor.
Landry Detergent is automatically supplied from the washing machine, so no detergent is required.

  • When laundry is left after washing and drying, we may move them. Also for the protection against theft, we ask you to manage yourself until the end of use.

I have some laundry…

We accept Laundry Service until 10:00 o’clock at the front desk.
It will be returned around 18:00 o’clock on the same day.

  • We can not accept on Sundays, public holidays and New Year.

Is there a trouser press?

We are installing in all rooms.

Is there a copy and fax service?

It is available at the front desk.

Black and White
20 yen / One sheet (excluding tax)
Color Copy
40 yen / One sheet (excluding tax)
Calculated based on data transmission time.

Is there a vending machine for cigarettes, alcohol and drinks?

Alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverage can be bought at vending machines installed on the 2nd floor.
We do not sell cigarette, but it is sold at convenience stores in front of the hotel.

Is there a smoking area?

In Fukuoka City, the law for strengthening measures against second-hand smoke came into effect in April 2020, and facilities used by many people, such as offices, restaurants, inns, hotels, and factories, are now non-smoking indoors.
Smoking is prohibited in the hotel except for smoking rooms.

After Check Out

Are you handling parcel delivery service?

You are available “Kuroneko Yamato Service”.
There are things that can not be handled, so please contact the front desk for details.

Will you keep my luggage after checkout?

Yes, we will. There is no time limit.

If I forget my notebook, can you contact me?

For your privacy protection, we do not basically contact you.
About the food, we will dispose on the day regardless of whether opened or unopened.