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2019.05.17Notice of electrical construction

Thank you for staying at the Hotel Arty Inn.
Due to the construction of electric facilities, our hotel will have a building power outage scheduled as follows.
During blackout, we cannot recive any e-mail and telephone, so our hotel will read more >>

2019.03.06February’s best selling rankings 👑

Tough pollen season has come.
Our hotel staff is also in a bad condition that receiving the influence of pollen in their eyes and nose greatly. I think pollen is no longer a “season word”.^^
We hope the pollen symptoms …

2019.03.08Congrats! Rakuten Travel ✨Silver Award 2018✨

Thanks to our customers, we were able to receive a prize “Rakuten Travel Bronze Award” last year.
And this year!!!!!!!!!!!…

2019.02.06Sightseeing Trains and Ranking in January👑

Dou you know the sightseeing train “THE RAIL KITCHEN CHIKUGO“?
This sightseeing train will be operated from Saturday, March 23rd.… read more >>

2019.02.05Renewed Bath Powder

We renewed Bath Powder which is presented you at check-in★… read more >>

2019.01.07December’s Rakuten and Jalan Ranking👑

Happy New Year!!!
Hope you are having a great holiday season.
I wish you a wonderful year for everyone this year★… read more >>

2018.12.21Fukuoka Local Food✨ #2

Today, we introduce you a famous Local Food, not only Fukuoka but also Kyushu.
★ Umaka-chan ★Umaka-chan_standard

2018.12.17Illumination of Hakata Station

It was December … in a matter of a second.
Moreover, only a few days until Christmas・・・💦


However the illumination of Hakata Station is held until the beginning of the new year, January 9th (Wed.)(*‘ω‘ *)
I feel a …

2018.12.06November’s Rakuten Ranking👑

December has another name, “Shiwasu” in Japan. It literally means teachers or priests run.
…so in December we’re “as busy as a bee”.
They are busy preparing for the many Buddhist events at the end of the year, they have … read more >>

2018.12.04Fukuoka Local Food✨ #1

Let me present to you “Manhattan”, famous food of Fukuoka.
Fukuoka Local Food "Manhattan"