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Let me present to you “Manhattan”, famous food of Fukuoka.
Fukuoka Local Food "Manhattan"
Roughly speaking, it’s a donut….which was always near by me.
I love it all the time even when I was a student, even when I started my job, and now.

As far as I know, everybody in Fukuoka know this “Manhattan” and it’s a most loved donuts in Fukuoka.
This crispy donut is coated with chocolate and its texture is the best!!
I never thought that it was a local food….(shock⚡^^;)

If you come to Fukuoka, absolutely, I would like you to highly recoment to eat “Manhattan”(*‘ω‘ *)
There are also products for a limited time so you can enjoy it every season!!!

It is sold at convenience stores and supermarkets.
Enjoy “Manhattan”!!!!