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Today, we introduce you a famous Local Food, not only Fukuoka but also Kyushu.
★ Umaka-chan ★Umaka-chan_standard
Here is the famous RAMEN COUNTRY 🇯🇵 KYUSHU!!!!!
…I think personally( *´艸`)
Shops, Food stall, Instant Ramen, all of these are “Tonkotsu” taste💓
In our Kyushu we like “Barikata Noodle”.
“Barikata” means slightly boiled and very hard noodle.
I like hard noodles for ramen, but soft noodles for udon 😅

Yes, I like Barikata even for instant noodles.
Someday I want to be a Queen of Ramen Country 🤩

The instant noodles in Ramen Country are rich in variety!!!!
In the highly competitive business field, nearly 40 years of popular ‘Umaka-chan’.
Continue to be loved by people in the Ramen Country and continue to evolve, “Umaka-chan”.

★ Umaka-chan Noko Shinaji ★umakaccyann_shinaji

I’ve been waiting!!! Released this year. Thin and Barikata noodles!!!
I tried tasting it.
Just “Deliciou~~~~s!!!”
Authentic this noodle is only 90 seconds boiled time.
Even though it is instant ramen, Balikata is reproduced substantially!!! I was deeply moved.

It is a recommended item for souvenirs !!! 👍👍👍

Standard Taste“, “Hakata Karashi Takana Taste” and “Noko Shinaji” can be purchased also in western Japan, but there are many other Kyushu limited taste as well!!!!!

♥ Tonkotsu with Chicken soup
♥ Kurume style Tonkotsu
♥ Black Pork Tonkotsu
♥ Kumamoto style Tonkotsu


Moreover! Everything is delicious★
Among Kyushu, there are unique Tonkotsu culture of each prefecture, but it is also recommended that you can easily compare taste!!!
And somewhat, I feel that the kind is increasing every year !!! ^^

After all, My best is “Hakata Karashi Takana Taste”😍

Those who have never eaten, those who are wondering what to make as souvenirs!!!
There is also “Umaka-chan” in Kyushuーーーー!!!