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Happy New Year!!!
Hope you are having a great holiday season.
I wish you a wonderful year for everyone this year★

At the same time, it’s a hard season for students・・・・・・.
Please don’t strain yourself too much(*‘ω‘ *)
Taking care of your health is also important.
You shouldn’t push yourself too hard(*’ω’*)!!!
It is also the season when colds and influenza spread out at the same time.
So don’t overwork yourself! (I said it twice because it is important.^^)

Well, I have one proposal!!!
Some of our staff are advocating “Yakult drink strongest theory” ^^
We stabilize the bowels by Yakult and keep in good condition.
Actually, I don’t became catch a cold easily since I started drinking Yakult!!!
Please try it by all means★(Perhaps, it seems that anything is good if it is lactobacillus.)

Then the ranking announced in December 2018-----!!!
Believe it or not, we were able to rank in the ranking of 【Jalan】(*´▽`*)
As well as Rakuten Travel, Jalan is a famous reservation site in Japan.
Hotel ranking of 51 rooms to 100 rooms in Fukuoka prefecture ★★★9th★★★
Jalan TOP Seller ranking 9th in December 2018Jalan TOP Seller ranking 9th in December 2018I’m getting teary-eyed-----!!!
Thank you so, so much!!!

As for【Rakuten Travel】, regrettably, we couldn’t rank in “Fukuoka prefecture inside”・・・.
However, Tenjin · Nakushu · Yakuin · Fukuoka dome and Itoshima area ★★★5th★★★
Tenjin · Nakushu · Yakuin · Fukuoka dome and Itoshima area ★★★5th★★★
Tenjin · Nakushu · Yakuin · Fukuoka dome and Itoshima area ★★★5th★★★
It’s a wonderful start from the New Year!!!

Our ranking-in is owing to be able to meet many customers, I think.(´▽`*)
We will also make efforts to be able to devote so that you can stay at “Fukuoka ARTY Inn” this year as well.
I’m looking forward to seeing you this year, next year and every year^^