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Tough pollen season has come.
Our hotel staff is also in a bad condition that receiving the influence of pollen in their eyes and nose greatly. I think pollen is no longer a “season word”.^^
We hope the pollen symptoms of customers will be reduced even a little!!!

The air purifier can be prepared in the room, so it would be appreciated if you could use it.

Well, Ranking in February★

What about a result????
Unfortunately, I could not rank in to Jalan…💦
We could not rank in ranking within prefecture for Rakuten Travel, too.…💦

Tenjin · Nakushu · Yakuin · Fukuoka dome and Itoshima area ★★★5th★★★
Although we are worrying we ranked down, recently it seems that Arty Inn’s Home Page is getting awareness, and we have received many bookings from HP ♪

The number of customers who search for “Fukuoka Arty Inn” has increased.
We are glad that you book from this page of Best Rate Guarantee.
Thank you so much(*´▽`*)

Between ourselves, It is a customer’s story who visited us the other day.
He has stayed in our hotel many times, but he seems to have been struggling to find our hotel then.
Looking at the face of the staff who goes out of the hotel by chance, he find out our hotel, “Here!”.
He remembered the face of the staff without remembering the hotel’s appearance.
We are so happy that he remembers our faces.
Remember the staff, thank you very much.
We will continue to devote ourselves to being able to meet many customers in the future, I hope that you will continue to patronize us.